The Weekly Smile 2/10/20

It’s been a long week! I’m going on week two of being sick. Upper respiratory infection, and a sinus infection they don’t want to give me antibiotics for. So I’ll take the otc stuff, stay miserable, and up back at the doctor. Cause I have time for that. 🙄

This past Friday was the Daddy Daughter Dance at church. I may be partial, but I think she looked amazing. She had a great time coming in 2nd place in the hula hoop contest, and showing off her ability to do the splits-like 25 times haha!

I attended an art showing, and made a sale! Small one, but no matter. This is the review they so graciously left! This is why I do it. To connect. To make a difference. And my heart is happy.

Girlfriend finally lost another tooth! So the tooth fairy left her a new book to challenge her reading skills! She almost to fourth grade level(she’s in first grade) so she can’t have it all easy!

Meet Kermit.

Meet Fozzy.

And then there’s me, the crazy pet lady who can’t say no to a pet that needs to be rehomed. Aren’t they so cute!!!!

My daughter loves them, my teenager hates them. My middle kid is indifferent. And for the first time in my life and my husband’s life, we are buying crickets. They are not creepy lol.

So I’m not sure what is happening this week, but I hope it slows down a bit!

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 2/10/20

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Cute photo of your daughter. Very cool about the art show! Good idea about the tooth fairy leaving books – everyone should think of books as treats or rewards. I like the new pets. And I hope you feel better soon! Oh, last one, I hope you don’t mind a bulleted list style comment 😉

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  2. Michelle says:

    She’s so pretty!! I hope you feel better soon!! I love the idea of a book instead of money from the tooth fairy. I wish I would have thought of that years ago! 🙂

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  4. Colline says:

    Sounds like you are being kept busy despite being sick. Hope that infection goes away soon.


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