I did not sleep well last night. Being a mom and feeling like you’re doing it alone are not sweet dreams in the making. I’m not able to be as involved in my kids’ things as I need to be. My 12 year old is struggling with self like. Because everyone at school tells him he’s annoying. First off, most boys at that age are. But it shouldn’t be someone’s identity. My first grader is being chased by some kid on the playground who once found a piece of yarn and tied it around her neck and tried to drag her. Yesterday she tells me this same kid was chasing her once again on the playground with a pencil saying he was going to stab her. And I can’t get my high school kid to tell me anything about school that’s not homework related.

Oh this isn’t finished.

My middle schooler had to wait for me to get little sister to sleep before he could do his English homework. So at 9pm (his bedtime) we sat down to do his poem. And then I read this stanza:

With all the problems we have with kids being exposed to inappropriateness, this teacher is just going to throw this at these kids? I find out after speaking with another mom that kids in 6th grade are showing porn pictures to others on their phones, and then they are reading this????

I’m so mad I can’t see straight! And neither one of our kids want to say anything because they don’t want to be a “snitch”. Where the hell are these parents???

I’ve already emailed a quite lengthy letter to my daughter’s teacher. I’m not sure if I should just go to the school board with this other first?

This is where I pray for my art stuff to take off. Because I need to be at school board meetings, volunteering at the schools, having a presence in my kids’ live that I can’t have because of my job. And because I’m doing it by myself. I’m stretched thin and the only power I have is the prayers I cover my children with.

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17 Responses to Incomplete

  1. trentpmcd says:

    That poem is inappropriate for the school to be giving the kids, but as to porn on the phones, when I was in 6th grade, many years before you were born ;), some kids snuck copies of Hustler magazine into school. Not Playboy (how 5th grade). Yeah, kids are curious….

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  2. I have been catching up and I read this first. Didn’t comment because I just didn’t know what to say. My heart breaks for you. Nothing hurts like when our kids hurt, does it. It seems like y’all are being hit with it all at once. The whole assignment thing…oh my goodness. With a stanza like this it is no wonder kids are sending porn pictures to each other. I mean this stanza is not appropriate for a middle school child in my humble opinion. Praying for your children too, praying for you.

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    • Thank you so much honey. I spoke with the principal today at the middle school and it should not be happening anymore. We shall see. I said that it has no place in middle school. It’s going to be approached from a teaching standpoint so the kids don’t feel like they’re having repercussions. I definitely thank you for the prayers. It’s hard to address in a way that doesn’t come across as crazy mom. But I really don’t care at this point. My daughter’s teacher made the kid who chased her stay beside her (the teacher)during recess. But you’re right, it’s hard. And painful.

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  3. I’m angry with you. Sounds like a teacher needs to be fired


  4. Michelle says:

    I cannot believe that poem!! That would make me mad, too. Praying for you and your kids as well as the school systems everywhere. Things have gotten out of control lately.


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