The Weekly Smile 1/20/20

This last week has been a whirlwind. But this weekend I pretty much did for myself so to speak.

I was able to see my baby niece, her mama, and get the little Avery to fall asleep on me. If they didn’t live so far away I would be watching her. Since I’m not, I have to take it while I can get it.

We went to a birthday party for one of my daycare kids, and I think this was the best moment haha!

Last Wednesday I started working on a new painting . I haven’t painted and I really needed the emotional release. I found a picture I wanted to interpret.

I love seeing these sunrises from my back porch. So I went with this one. And I finished it last night.

I like it myself, and am pretty proud of my tree. I used a projector for the outline. But the ends were originally rounded. I wanted them sharper lol. So I changed them.

Saturday evening we went by and saw a friend who was camping. And since I love campfires, I did not want to leave. But my cranky children wanted to go home and go to bed. (It was like 9:30). They crashed pretty quick, so I kept looking at the picture I took. I’m a dork. I’m mostly ok with it.

Today my kids are out of school, but I’m not closed so it’s been a very very much Monday. Almost at the end.

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