On The Hunt For Joy Challenge Week 2: Say Cheese


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8 Responses to On The Hunt For Joy Challenge Week 2: Say Cheese

  1. I am so loving the cat pictures this morning hahaha 🙂 Have I told you lately how adorable your daughter is??? OH and when it is going to warm up??? Hehehe

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    • Haha thank you so much!! Well in Texas we have our own weather-So I can’t tell you anything LOL! Except being a weatherman in this state is the safest job on the planet

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      • Hahahaha. Look, back home has been the worst winters in the past few years. Before the past few years it was always shorts and tshirts until AT LEAST February. The past few years, snow, ice, nor’easters. I had never seen anything like it in all my life. Now, this year it has stayed 60’s and 70’s. Then I wake up to snow here this weekend. I looked at hubby and said really? I thought it was warm in Texas. Hahaha. AND I think that being a weatherman in any state is a safe job. Our local weather guy of over 30 years(yes 30) actually said on the air, “It’s going to rain today because I washed my car.” True story 🙂 🙂

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      • It is true!🤣🤣

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      • It was the talk of the town. He is famous for lines like “the thunderstorm is right near the corner of (insert place here) where the old orange tractor and the 3 black metal barrels sits to the left, and across the street are the cows” uh huh stuff like that.

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      • Oh my gosh I need to meet him LOL

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  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Oh what delightful photos for this week’s “say cheese” theme. Thanks for the smile 😀

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