One More Day

The holiday brings dark emotions for many. I’ve been very anxious and irritable today just at the thought of things coming. Pretty much anything breathing is on my last nerves today.

Then I read two stories about two people terminally ill-and all they want for Christmas are cards from people. Yes I know most of us have read these. But I’ve never actually done anything with them. Today is different. So in an effort to pull the stick out of my own rear end, I filled out Christmas cards for each person. Then I asked my daughter to draw them a picture to go inside.

She’s quite punny. And I can promise you that her spirit was much more joyful. So I’m hoping these cards bring a glimpse of happiness to them. And I’m still working on having a more grateful attitude today.

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2 Responses to One More Day

  1. You are not alone, and happy you found a good way to get through the day, the cards are so cute and will bring a smile to the receiver

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