Flying By

Today, my second son tuned 12! He’s been an adventure, and not always a fun one. He’s my ADHDer and while challenging in itself, I’ve learned a lot from him. He’s smart, witty, artistic, way too honest, a people pleaser, do anything for anyone, and just wants to be loved. His heart breaks easy-just like his mama.

And I seriously almost cried(ok sobbed) the day he told me he doesn’t want anything else but plain underwear. Don’t judge me. You mama’s know. He’s like me in that he’s ready to help everyone else, and put himself last in those situations. He doesn’t like seeing people sad. So, I worry about him. Peer pressure a horrible thing. But he’s busy in good things at school, so it has to stay that way.

I love you son❤️

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1 Response to Flying By

  1. Happy birthday Mama Squirrels son – you sound pretty special 💛


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