Never Will I Potty In Peace

TMI? Maybe. Real life? Absolutely. It’s Saturday and I’m not open daycare wise. See, the ones I keep are little so they feel the need to supervise my potty runs.

This morning is no different-except that as you can see the green candy bucket, my youngest came in distraught thinking someone has taken some of her candy.

Then I have Oreo and Cookie staring me down like they’re learning something-or think I’m the weirdo. Really?

What you can’t see is the doorway where my two big dogs are standing, whining. Cause they want to go outside. To potty. Without eyes staring at them.

And then the husband even joins in the doorway to talk about donuts. Like-should I drive to the local gas station so I can use a stall? With a heavy lock? Alone??? six word Saturday

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5 Responses to Never Will I Potty In Peace

  1. eschudel says:

    And heaven help you if you close the door…


  2. "Lightning" Ellen says:

    You’ll never go to the bathroom alone again once you have cats 🤣

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