Bridge Closed

Does the road ever close permanently?

Does the torture of resentment and bitterness ever disappear?

How can the past be the past when it continues?

How can you “let go” of the things that have hurt you when they still follow you?

Does the truth of not being worthy to someone ever truly lose its poison?

How can staying in your nightmare benefit you?

How can you possibly go on being the bad guy ?

Allowing people to crap on you to make themselves look and feel better?

How do you learn to turn away instead of trying to care?

Why does taking care of ones self sanity still cost everything?

I’m so broke. No money, no compassion for some, no guilt of the silence given.

How do I love someone who has no need for me anymore?

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4 Responses to Bridge Closed

  1. Our hearts have strings we can’t detach sometimes – even if we want to – and I think once you give a piece away that matching bit of DNA calls to you – come and get me I’m lost over here – it’s just the part of you that you miss – not the person that has dismissed you. It’s you that you really want back not him/her.

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