Fake News

I’m just mind blown at how some people are so twisted, despicable, and sketchy-and everyone around them is blind to it. The lies they don’t know. The damage they’ve caused that is buried on someone else’s scars.

Oh how my mouth wants justice. How my heart aches for the truth to be vomited out. How my soul wants it lined up along the wall for those not to be able to ignore it any longer. How my pain is screaming inside.

And yet how do I know if it’s the right thing? Will the truth even be heard? Or will it continue to be smashed into excuses as the lies are lifted on the pedestal for the ignorant to believe? Will it really bring me peace?

Sick to my stomach and I can’t unsee the mask of false reality that has been set.

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2 Responses to Fake News

  1. Indira says:

    Some find pleasure in spreading false news. How despicable. Letting truth out will give peace to one’s own mind.

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