The Weekly Smile 9/30/19

I think I filled most everyone in with the coffee share, but a few things have surfaced.

So I was approached with a potential commission piece. I’m trying to get more info, but I think it may be a too good to be true thing. We shall see.

I had my first showing at a place in Dallas this past Saturday. No sales, but I was surprised at the amount of information I gained. The people were fabulous. I’ll be going back in a few weeks, so praying for better go around.

It was national son/daughter day this past week. So here they are. They are growing up way too fast for me. I’m blessed with some amazing kids.

Not too much excitement. But there’s sure to be some-always is after the post! Lol

The Weekly Smile 9/30/19

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 9/30/19

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I must have missed your coffee post, so I’ll go try to find it. I really like the picture of you with your paintings and photos. I’m sorry you didn’t sell anything, though. Hopefully next time.

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  2. Having work at an exhibition is a win even if there aren’t any sales. You never know what it will lead too. I’m glad you had a great time. Your children are adorable!

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