Mental health is an ongoing issue. Many people are healthy. Many people are healthy after finding a good therapist and medication. Many people stay lost and hurting. Finding care can be expensive and exasperating.

Many people have heard or are familiar with PTSD. But most will look extremely confused if you tell them you have Complex-PTSD. It’s not the same thing. And I’m blessed I had found a good therapist, learned EMDR techniques, and became part of Celebrate Recovery. If you are unfamiliar with CR, look it up. It’s not what you think.

Anywho, below is a small definition to help you see the difference.

This means we live in a constant state of fight/flight mode. Our triggers are set so deep, it takes years and good help to recognize them. Even then, having dissociation you don’t always catch them. Or during that time you have no way to stop it. Episodes can be triggered through many situations, some seemingly harmless.

The hardest thing I’ve dealt with in this diagnosis is coming to terms with the fact that the healing I thought I had accomplished, was just the tip of the black hole. With age comes wisdom. Usually. And healing will be an ongoing process.

I didn’t create the circumstances I’ve been through-it’s not just childhood trauma either. But God has blessed me enough to bring people into my life who are here to help and love me unconditionally. And in my healing, I can help others.❤️

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2 Responses to Differences

  1. XingfuMama says:

    I found this very helpful. I have a sister who has this diagnosis and this helps me understand her better.

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