For those who read my Weekly Smile post, you know the situation with my daughter and her school transfer being denied. I’ve been in constant anxiety and prayer.

I had come to terms with the decision, (kinda) and had a plan. I was going to take her to the new school’s playground, and tell her there.

I emailed the principle, and asked if there was anything left to be done. Just so I knew I had done everything I could. Almighty God was in control, and it was doing me no good to try to take over.

I didn’t hear back from the principle. What I did get was an email from the district saying my daughter’s denial of transfer had been reversed!!! 😭😭😭. She going back to her school!!!

She’s “on probation” basically because of the tardies. But it doesn’t matter! Once I finally set it at His feet, His plan went in to place. Oh there were lots of happy tears!

#grateful #thankful #faithful

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4 Responses to Praises

  1. Praise the LORD for you and your daughters good news!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I’m glad it all worked out!! 💕

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