In My World

Looks amazing huh? This is called The Paul Rueben. It’s got amazing flavor, and it was made gluten free. Gluten free is a new journey for me. I’m trying to narrow down the suspect list on what causes my crazy inflammatory psycho episodes with my gut.

But this is not that story. I saw a posting from a friend raving about this place. And I have to say, the food was so good! Gluten free menu, dairy free, and vegan. (Which I am not)

So really quick-I called out my youngest bonus daughter, not in an ugly way thank you, in her hypocrisy–she was/is trying to support a local Christian group on her college campus! Great stuff. But then she participated in a gay fights love rally also associated on campus. So basically I told her you can’t call yourself a Christian and then go out and support the very things God says in his word are sin. Of course I got the “I’m just nice to everybody” speech. Well, we are called to love our neighbor-but that doesn’t mean you encourage and promote what God says is wrong. And of course I got no support-no one else that I’m aware of in her life seems to be willing to teach the truth. No one follows it as far as I can tell. (She went to the Dallas gay pride parade). So I feel pretty much ignored.

Ok back to tonight. Everyone was super nice. Great experience. And then my husband found a quote from the founder.

“We provide a liberal, animal-loving, gay-friendly, radical, feminist bubble for people to escape to in one of the most conservative areas in the country.”


So just like that, I will not be going back. Not because the food isn’t good. Not because people were rude. Not because the place wasn’t good enough. In fact, it was old school and beautiful! But I cannot call myself a Christian and financially support a place that is outwardly against them.

I can’t be a hypocrite. I can’t give a speech to my bonus daughter and then do the exact same thing. I sat at that table struggling to hold back tears. Selfish ones. Guilty ones. No I didn’t know this ahead of time. I learned to do my research ahead though.

And while I need a different diet, I need to be firm in my walk with God. I have to be the example I talk about. So the search is on for a new place.

I’m not condemning, I’m not hating. I am however trying to be the best example for all of my kids, and that means walking the walk.

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11 Responses to In My World

  1. Here is how I feel, and that is just that how I feel, it doesn’t make me right, it’s how I feel. You have to do what you feel pleases God. You shouldb’t feel the need to bend if you feel you are offending God. That is between you and God. If I can give anything to the world it is that it is between you and God. I appreciate your post. It is a great example of both sides of the story. I ask the LORD to continue to bless you Kammie 🙂

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  2. Michelle says:

    I agree with you all the way. Now that my daughter has turned 12 she’s seeing a lot more of the world’s ways and I have to keep dragging her back to God’s ways. It’s a never ending battle as long as the world keeps getting crazier! Prayers for her!

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  3. Steven says:

    Wow I can’t believe kids and their liberal views these days.. your “bonus daughter” sounds like a complete wack job! Lol. I’m not homophobic or anything but if my kids were ever gay, phew! I don’t know what I’d do! Hell would have a special place for them and your daughter. Prayers for you and your family Kammie.

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    • They weren’t raised to walk fully in Christ. Prayers for resolution appreciated. I just had a talk with my 11 year old on the difference between loving someone, but not supporting those views. I find myself extremely annoyed at the crap they are surrounded with.


      • steven says:

        We don’t choose our sins, you’re right. I just know once my time comes, God will reward me for doing the right thing, even if it brought suffering upon the lives of many others. I still walked in his gracious word.

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      • Amen. That’s how I try to see it-I have to answer for myself.


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