The Weekly Smile 5/20/19

This last week has been full of rain and more rain. In fact…

Our spring weather is running late this year, so we are getting pounded.

I talked with my last living grandmother Saturday night. She’s 91 years young, and lives in another state. I haven’t seen her in too long. She’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is now on oxygen full time. She was falling at home, and since my grandpa passed she’s now in an assisted living complex. It’s nice, but she’s having a really hard time adjusting. It makes it hard to be so far away. She was so happy to hear from me, she called 3 relatives after we ended our call. That made me smile!

I painted this for my daughter for her birthday present. She will get it this Saturday. She and I have told each other this forever. While I didn’t sell anything of mine off the gallery wall, I did get two orders for this painting. From another mom.❤️❤️😊

And tonight I’m playing my favorite game with my middle son. Who always wins.

Oh and then Mr. Turtle poked his head up to say hello while I was taking picks of the pond. 🐢

The Weekly Smile 5/20/19

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4 Responses to The Weekly Smile 5/20/19

  1. Hammad Rais says:

    All of these brought a smile on my face for sure 🙂

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    It has been a cold wet spring up here as well. I hope the weather down that direction the last couple of days has been too terrible. Great that you are still having a good relationship with your grandmother. I’m sure your conversation made her smile as well 🙂 Have a great week and hope your daughter’s birthday goes well 🙂

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