The Weekly Smile 5/6/2019

It’s been a long crazy week. I haven’t had much time to post much of anything, so I’m trying to get back.

I’m learning a lot about painting, but this made me smile because I let my daughter who is 5, title it. As you know, not my favorite part lol. She named it “Blooming Grace” and there you have it.

My 11 year old came home from school last Tuesday like any other day. But his little sister who is a tell all, let me know he got this award at school. Of course I was irritated that no one told me he was getting it-cause then I felt guilty for not being there. So proud of him.

And I can’t forget Norman. I really wish he wasn’t nocturnal. I’d be the crazy hamster lady who takes him everywhere! He’s just too sweet.

The Weekly Smile 5/6/2019

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4 Responses to The Weekly Smile 5/6/2019

  1. trentpmcd says:

    “Blooming Grace” – very good, though slightly funny since I occasionally hear “blooming”, when used as an adjective, being a substitute for a swear word šŸ˜‰ Congratulations to your son!

    I haven’t been getting pingbacks, so I’m going to paste the URL into the comments of the original post.

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  2. Beautiful painting! How sweet that a 5 year old came up with such a fitting and lovely title. And congrats to Austin.


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