Travel Cups

Last time I was writing this, it was a styrofoam cup. I’ve upgraded to a metal cup this time. It’s bigger. It’s prettier. Oh and it’s bigger.

We are on our way to Lake Whitney to pick up our pop up from a friend who borrowed it. Cause they have no trailer hitch. Why am I going? It’s a loong drive. Cause I have the chance to get some new pictures in a new place. It’s my last day for this weekend to enjoy not being at home.

It was a long week-just cause there is so much coming up to get ready for. Yesterday, I did my hours at the gallery. It was painfully slow, but I was blessed by the company of another local artist. She paints abstracts. And I began a new canvas. And we brainstormed. And the outcome is..

Personally, I love it. Not too bad I don’t think for a first try. It’s a 16×20, and I am excited to do one in bright colors.

Last night, we went to our favorite catfish place. And while I was disappointed circumstances prevented us from earlier adventures, I did manage to get some good shots.

Praying you all have a great week, and wish me luck on getting some good stuff!!


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4 Responses to Travel Cups

  1. Michelle says:

    Your painting is so pretty!

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  2. ArtisanX says:

    Can’t wait to see what you find!

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