It’s the time of year when I cry a little more. And I cry at commercials and little animals needing homes on Facebook. Hence our new friend Norman.

This year I wanted to really try to set a visual for my daycare kids on why we really celebrate Easter and participate in communion. I just happened to have these railroad spikes and the lightbulb electrocuted me on the spot.

So I used the number 3 to mold their little mushy brains.

3 Nails-two in wrist one through feet

3 hours approx. for Jesus to die on the cross.

3 last words

3 days in the tomb

I let them hold the spikes to feel their weight. I explained that they hurt Jesus and that’s what broke his body(the bread), and his blood from the wounds of the spikes and crown of thorns is why we drink the juice. To remember the greatest sacrifice ever given. I was trying soooooo hard not to cry. And I watched as they listened and I prayed inside that this was pruning the sprouting seeds I’ve been planting. Our craft today:

And then of course the very best part-Jesus arose again!

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2 Responses to Pruning

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s such a great visual for kids!! I cry every time I read that story!

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