Morning Glory

I’m currently sitting outside drinking my new decaf. My new stuff has its own caffeine, so that is well in place. I’m up way sooner than I want to be. Stinking sinus headache, thank you Texas and your inconsistent weather patterns.

It’s been a good but long week. Good as in I don’t feel like I’m being attacked by the germ monsters. Long-well my daycare kids are all going through a “crazy” phase at the same time. All different, all nuts. My own kids are having their own crazy too-so I’m pretty sure I’m justified in my scatterbrained chaos at the moment. My 16 year old suddenly has a bigger stick up his butt, my 11 year old is classic ADHD not sleeping well, and my 5 year old is a combo of the two with a giant heart for Jesus. Lord please give me guidance. 🤪

My peace is sitting out here right now, listening to all the different birds singing, calling, and talking to one another. Doves, sparrows, robins, woodpeckers, and one I don’t know but love. I didn’t bring my camera out, but managed to capture this beautiful silhouette of whatever it is. Although I just realized that they are flying in and out of the birdhouse over my head, so their chatter may not be song, but bird cursing.

Weekly Coffee Share

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