Morning Coffee 3/24/19

As I was waiting for my coffee to brew this morning, I noticed the sun and clouds through this still bare tree. And I snatched my camera. It’s one of my favorite views in the morning. This morning the clouds were gliding over the tree tops and I just stared, soaking it in.

It’s been quite a week. I took a “sick day” Friday to watch my sophomore play in a tennis tournament since it was finally local. I’d only seen him play once in almost two years. He played good. Didn’t win, but it’s ok. Kinda. That’s another story. But what I didn’t expect was to wake up sick.

This got me through the day. Barely. I didn’t complain too much-I got to be a tennis mom for the day.

If I could hit the ball, he’d have a practice partner everyday. Yeah, don’t bet your life on my tennis ability-I don’t have any lol.

I woke up yesterday and today feeling like 🤢. Though I can move a tad more today than yesterday, so I’m playing blog catch up. And my house is 🤮. For whatever reason, when mom is down nothing gets up. Granted my boys are gone this weekend. But I’m not here alone. I’ll leave it there.

So I lay here on the couch, with my coffee and pj wearing girl listening to some annoying Barbie YouTube play set reviews. And though I’m not 100%, I am taking these moments. I can’t get them back.

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