Unknown Superpowers

Well, the challenge was to ask 5 people what my superpowers are. And I was pleasantly surprised at the response.

1) Loving Through Strife

2) Helper of Others

3) Strong Moral Compass

4) Strong/Brave

5) Raising Other People’s Kids As My Own

I’m flattered. And I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. And I feel like I’ve been uplifted and greatly encouraged. Im blessed. ☺️

If I had Superpowers

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2 Responses to Unknown Superpowers

  1. Chris Donner says:

    Cee passed this on to me since it was my superpowers blog that you saw the challenge in.
    I’m so glad that you did it and had marvelous results. Isn’t it amazing what you learn about yourself from others?!?!? What beautiful feedback you got. You have some mighty superpowers, indeed.

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