The Weekly Smile 2/18/2019

My daughter hid from me-but made sure to tell me not to close the dryer door!

My 11 year old started selfie mode. I’m not ready for this.

And I was so happy to get this close up of a little garden snake. At least I hope it was.

The Weekly Smile 2/18/2019

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8 Responses to The Weekly Smile 2/18/2019

  1. trentpmcd says:

    One reason I like a real camera over a phone – “I wonder if that snake is poisonous? I’ll take a picture and look it up later” (Real camera, use telephoto and take photo from 20 yards away, phone have to get 2″ from snake to get a good shot,and hope it doesn’t bite…)

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  3. Can there be a complete childhood without capturing a snake and getting bit by it?
    I hope so – because, while I seemed to have survived me experience, I took pains to make sure my kids did not have a chance to share it.

    So of course, a real nasty rattlesnake found my oldest son and nail him many years ago now. He too survived, creating a great story that I just might write up – hmmm.

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