Word of the Day-Trust

So I found this in my son’s backpack. I initially had no reason not to trust what his teacher was saying.

When I talked to my son, all the details came together. I remember the night he could not find these papers/notes she spoke of. And then he remembered he turned them in. The teacher refused to believe him; and wouldn’t you know she found all but one of the papers in her things.

As we talked about the notes, it turns out they were so he could use them on the test. So he didn’t have the notes. And he made a 100 on his test!

So yes I did let him know that his art can not interfere during class time. He will not be a happy camper. And then there was that little part of me that thought,” Boom he showed her!” Of course I said it in my head. But as parents, we can’t always believe the teachers-our kids need us to believe them too.

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2 Responses to Word of the Day-Trust

  1. Michelle says:

    Good for him!! I have a lot of “in your face” moments in my head, too. It’s what us moms do. 😀

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