Bootie Celebration Dance!

Ok not really in the literal manner. But in the celebratory way. I started this sign yesterday. I just finished it.

I don’t brag on myself. But y’all I’m so flipping happy with how this turned out!! I intended to try to sell it. Valentine’s is very soon you know. However, this is a song I’ve sang in recent times with my daughter. So when she saw what I was doing, she asked for it in her room. (That she doesn’t sleep in mind you)

So if anyone wants one, the price went up a wrist arthritis wrap and a bottle of white wine.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this. And to actually pat myself on the back-I kicked bootie with this!!

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3 Responses to Bootie Celebration Dance!

  1. I love it. My grandmother sang the song to my older sister for years and it reaiins a lovely reminder of her love.

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