From Afar

I’m thinking we need to mandate classes for parents. They need to be taught how to teach their own kids not to bully others. And society needs to stop making excuses.

I’m not saying there’s not particular instances, traumas etc. I’ve had my own traumas in my lifetime and I’m not a horrible mean person with the mentality that people owe me. I’m not perfect; but I’m not a bully.

It breaks my heart that this kid is being so pushy and mean to my daughter. Her tears of confusion break my heart cause she doesn’t understand how some people can be this way when I’ve taught her it’s not OK. This kid wants my daughter to be her servant. And she has no problem telling her that. And I’m about done with people trying to say it’s a kid thing. They are five. The only thing a five-year-old should do with other people is enjoy their

Squabbles? Well yeah. Servants! No.

I’m wondering if I’ll hear from the mother. I’m wondering if I’ll hear from the teacher. Honestly, I see it as an opportunity.

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3 Responses to From Afar

  1. Bully’s suck. I doubt you’ll hear from the other mom. Her little princess has obviously been taught that she’s better. If I were you, I’d make the call to her. Or better yet, find her at the school one morning. I have zero tolerance for that crap.

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