The Weekly Smile 1/7/2019

I’ve had an eventful weekend, week, and I’ve for sure smiled more. Here’s why-

I finally picked one. The best part? My 5 year old can recite the scripture this comes from.

My girl (and usually boys too) are drug along on our nature photo adventures. (Ok my photo shenanigans) This place was awesome. What you can’t see is the rusty trailer behind me, the old rusty truck to her left…my husband called me junk drunk.😂 But my kids will have great memories to smile about.

We ate at a place called Two Frogs. I love frogs. AND I got to watch the Cowboys. And they won.

The Weekly Smile 1/7/2019

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7 Responses to The Weekly Smile 1/7/2019

  1. Cool tattoo 👍🏻

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Nice tattoo. Your daughter doesn’t seem to mind a model on your photo-shoot, and yes, they’ll have great memories to smile about 🙂

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  4. and you’re little gal looks “wonderfully made”. Even if she could not recite the full scripture – but you did her a huge favor by teaching it to her. Blessings.

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