This weekend, I got to check out some new places. We went up to Oklahoma and scouted a few places I hadn’t been. I think Mills Creek was my favorite. It’s so hard to choose! Mills Creek is a small community-and from my perception, you either are blessed with a good living or blessed to make it day by day.

Many places have been abandoned. Many look uninhabitable, yet families are living there. It really broke my heart-there’s not much opportunity presenting itself. That’s my perception. The best history I could find was here- History of Mills Creek, Oklahoma. I’m sure there’s more, just gotta dog. But I’m hooked. The hidden history without stories is driving me crazy. Most of the pics were available after lots of weed wading, thorn stabbing, and prayer.

These pieces of history have been tossed aside, seemingly forgotten for years. Public roads, neighborhoods, it’s like they’re not given a second thought much less an initial one. But it’s a beautiful place. I’m planning my next trip up there-next weekend perhaps.

The entire album of photographs should you like to see them, can be found at my Facebook page

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4 Responses to Mini-Vacation

  1. rivrvlogr says:

    There must be some interesting stories there.

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  2. Loved your photos. Each tells a story!

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