The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018

I’m hoping these pics show up! It was a rough weekend as I experienced probably the worst cluster headache I could imagine personally. But I got myself doped up enough that I could still enjoy my babies.

The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018

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9 Responses to The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Pictures showed up. A smile there 🙂 It just seems funny to me, snowmen and shorts…. But then, I follow a lot of Australian bloggers, and Christmas means summer to them!

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    • Lol! My middle son has ADHD, And some sensory issues. Getting him to wear shorts it’s pretty much impossible because the feeling of them on his legs bothers him. As far as my teenager he was just being a turd

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      • trentpmcd says:

        lol. OK, so it isn’t hot in Texas then…. I know people up here that wear shorts and short sleeve shirts all year unless it gets below zero! Strangely enough, I had sensory issues as a kid, but having a tight fitting turtleneck actually felt better than anything loose fitting. It has to be like a glove or I hate it – it is distracting. But if the material moves with me and flows, I don’t notice it.

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      • No it’s not hot lol. It’s interesting to me, because he loves being wrapped up tight in a blanket. It’s like the pants restrict movement? Idk. I wrap up like a burrito.

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  2. hope you’re feeling better

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  4. Colline says:

    Hope you have a headache-free week ahead.

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