Lens Artist Photo Challenge #22 – Happiness is..

Before you let your heart melt, I need to clarify. My family is my world. My children of course. My close friends who love me unconditionally and I them are family. Loved ones who take time to be part of my life, my kids’ lives, my household, they are my family. They are what happiness is.

Family doesn’t personally to me mean relational. You can be related to someone, and not be family. Relationships change, or cease to exist. That’s not family. I can disagree with your thoughts, and we can be family.

Happiness is loving someone regardless of their flaws, but not disconnecting from them. It’s being grateful for the beautiful people that lift you and ground you like family. It’s learning to let go of those who choose not to enjoy your presence, and embracing those who gift you with theirs.

It’s a struggle for me personally to “let go” when I don’t understand what went wrong. But I’m getting better at embracing those who are a positive influence for me and my kids. And I’m so grateful for them, because they are my family and my happiness. Even when I’m being a pain❤️

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2 Responses to Lens Artist Photo Challenge #22 – Happiness is..

  1. Leya says:

    Beautifully explained – family means happiness – and I agree. But something happened to your photo – it doesn’t show!

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