I love when the alleys are covered in shades of green. My color. My peace. These last two weeks have been anything but calm. It’s been a tsunami of emotions, and I feel like the water has been crushing me.

Sometimes the hardest thing about being a mom, is protecting them from the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes, the wolves aren’t strangers. Sometimes, the wolves are those pretending to care so they can toss them away like scraps. Sometimes, they will think you are the wolf, instead of the Shepard. Be who God made you to be anyway. It’s not about you. It’s not about the wolves. It’s about raising and saving your children to advance God’s Kingdom.

It’s hard. And I’m learning that those you trusted will not be there for you, or your kids. Which really is a sad thing. Yet needed. Not in our plan, but His. God will remove the debris blocking the path-but you have to let him.

My friend pointed out an observation. Because I struggle with things that abruptly end without a reason. Why am I not leaving it to God? When I know this is a heart issue? Because we are a selfish people.

Why am I trying to hang on to toxic people that God has removed from my life, instead of loving the ones he brought in?

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6 Responses to Alienation

  1. Tough one here. I use to be so attached to people. Then slowly God showed me how I was needed, when I was needed. When I was in need, there was only Him.

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