Missed The Nut-Caught The Tree

This was my Sunday morning moment. Alone. But I woke up early because God was telling me to read His word. I had tossed and turned all night with anxiety scenes playing different scenarios in my head. So, here I sat. And in typical fashion, I saw a couple squirrels. Dew droplets in the grass, sun rays, a dandelion-I’m sure there was something else.

I have no excuse. I was scared of what I was going to read. But God knew this. So, he planted the overwhelming instruction to grab my stuff and lock myself in my room so I could listen to Sunday’s sermon. Why was I not there? That’s a whole other story.

Any who, I obeyed. And as usual, the sermon was amazing. God is amazing. I wanted to include the link, but it’s not yet posted. Here’s some of my notes:

Scripture gone through was 1 Corinthians 13:4-12

-Love Suffers Long

-You are nothing without love

-Love is not about self (ouch)

-Agape Love is unconditional- “it just is”-it’s the love of God

-Love thinks the best of people (even with the negative-a tough one)

-Love never fails

-Love often suffers for the sake of another

-Love rejoices in the truth

I was in tears. Not uncommon, but when you’re convicted, you just confess it to Him, ask for forgiveness, and do better than yesterday. (Some days, my yesterdays are better than todays)

I can’t wait to post the link. One of my favorite things Pastor said was,”hope is refusing to take failure as final

Guess I’ll go open that bookmarked page in my Bible.

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2 Responses to Missed The Nut-Caught The Tree

  1. Great post and summary of the sermon. I love that mug you’ve got.

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