Adventures in Stupidity

I try really really hard to be a good person. I try really really hard to keep certain opinions to myself. Sometimes I don’t do a very good job. This will be one of those times. Let’s go Exploring the lack of common sense in our world, shall we?

I took this from a friend who reposted. As far as I know, this is a real individual. 😳

How are some people so flipping stupid? Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I can’t call people on their crap. This is why our society is so jacked up today. This is why God should be in schools. This is why I worry extra about my kids.

1) I have nursed 3 kids. 2 of which are boys. They are not nor will they be rapists. My oldest is 15. He can’t even ask a girl to homecoming he’s so shy. My second has a heart of gold, and gets upset if one of his friends gets their feelings hurt. My daughter is 5. She’s a warrior for Jesus and doesn’t look at “boys” as the devil.

2) Somehow we have got to pray for these people. Like, hard prayer cause this is frightening. Jesus says to pray for our enemies. This is one of them. As mean as you may think it is, I pray she doesn’t have children. Because people who have this way of thinking will raise their children not only to think the same way, but can you imagine if she has a boy what he will be raised being told?

3) Someone tell her and those who have such a twisted way of thinking to shut up.

4) I’m so disturbed that these ideas actually exist!!! To me it’s the same as the result of brainwashing. Lies from people they are around, media, wrongly pushed political views, the list goes on.

5) You have got to protect your family!!!! Revelations is happening now folks! Wake up!

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16 Responses to Adventures in Stupidity

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  2. banactee says:

    Jesus did not tell people to shut up like you do it here. You are a medieval person and when reading such I can smell again the stakes where people where burnt in the name of your god. Disgusting!


  3. Taking all things apart, I agree that what that woman posted was a load of rubbish. Often, though, on social media stuff is posted just to create a stir. It is better to turn the other cheek 😉

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  4. Oh my. Well, what does someone say to something like this? I guess they have their opinion but it seems putting people into boxes isn’t always the best. It reminds me of when a woman gets raped, people saying she asked for it because of what she was wearing, or she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I don’t feel that is any more true than breast feeding creates a rapist. 🙂

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