Can’t Title

*This post could be a trigger for some

I chose this photo because you know what it is. But it’s blurry, and some of the details are fuzzy. This post has the potential to be long. One of many. Maybe both. I’ve been throwing things around my brain for exactly one week. And it just doesn’t come together.

Last Wednesday, one of my son’s friends, Dustin, who is also 15, died by suicide. His funeral was this evening. My heart and soul are shattered in so many different directions. I hurt for my son, I hurt for Dustin, I hurt for Dustin’s family, I hurt for his classmates. I hurt because these kids don’t have the capability at their age to begin to comprehend this situation. Not that you ever truly do. And I hurt because I feel like I failed to prepare my son for a situation such as this. Questions without answers, anger, sadness, the emotional toil of losing someone is, to me, a different grieving process when it’s by suicide.

I want to go on but I can’t. I’m choking on the tears I’m trying to hold back for my son. So please join me in lifting Dustin, his family, my son, his classmates, and our community in your prayers.

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14 Responses to Can’t Title

  1. Paula Light says:

    Oh, how AWFUL. So sad. My sympathies to all.

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  2. Lwbut says:

    15? That is almost unthinkable, yet all too real in my country also where it exceeds road death by 50%. 😦

    We in the ‘West’ are pitifully under-prepared for death, triply so for this kind.
    Considering the end comes to us all sooner or later that is a very strange way to be?

    Adding my prayers to all others. ❤

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  3. I’m very sad to read this, prayers for all touched by this

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