Hammer and Vice

This is something I just recently discovered. Like two days ago. So much to learn.

I know when I become overheated, the migraine is triggered and it’s at least 2-3 days before I can function well.

Here’s what I find fascinating. I will wake up randomly at 3:30ish with a migraine. It wasn’t there when I went to bed. But I am roused by this horrible pain which makes it unbearable to move. Now when I go to bed, I feel calm and confident. Usually because I was just able to keep myself from going into my fight/flight mode with someone. I didn’t take the bait. I had enough strength to choose not to go stupid on stupid. But I just found that on those nights when I’m falling asleep in victory, my brain has held on to the battle and is working itself into the fight/flight frenzy. Hence, the reason I wake up a flipping mess. I only thought I let it go.

PTSD is no different in that our brains are wired differently. While one is born with it, PTSD is a form of brain re-wiring through a specific set of ongoing trauma that the brain sets it self up as protecting itself. I’ve read and been told that the same meds that can help with ADHD, have also been shown to help with PTSD. If you do your homework, many symptoms are mirrored.

So now, do I take that step? Am I ready to not be constantly in a state of panic? I can look and act all good, but on the inside I’m fighting just to remember to breathe. It seems like a simple enough choice. Unless you walk in our shoes.

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