When The Enemy Loses

School started August 16th for mine. Today is August 27th. It’s only the 8th day of this school year, and I’m so grateful my kids have shown rectitude.

The asst. principle of her elementary school called last Friday. She had cafeteria duty that Wednesday. My daughter cried when she couldn’t find the note I sent in her lunchbox. She helped my daughter find her note. As she walked away my daughter asked the assistant principal if she would pray for her. Not once she told me, in all her years, had a child, much less a kindergartner asked her to pray for them. And she assured me that she prayed for my girl that night. #myprayerwarrior

My teen is a sophomore this year. He told me today that he was called into the assistant principles office. Yeah I know. He was called because he was nominated to be part of a leadership group that meets monthly, and will get to be part of a big project. Project unknown at this point. #myexamplesetter

This one was recognized over announcements last Friday for his act of kindness. Earlier in the week, during a potato chip experiment, a little boy in his class became extremely upset when there were no more of his favorite chips, bbq. So this young man gave the kid his own bbq chips, and then went without. #mycompassionkid

I’m just so amazed that with all they’ve been through, they continue to rise above. I’m so far from perfect, but God is not and He is good.

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  1. Take pride and some credit. Well done you. 🙂

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