Trouble Maker

This is my 10 year old. He has combined ADHD. I only tell you that to understand my story.

This morning I found out that this child, unselfishly gave his chips during class yesterday to another kid who was extremely upset that there were none of the same kind left. At this age, I would assume the other kid could pick something different, or go without. Life right? I’m so proud that my son was the bigger person. He chose to give his away, and went without himself.

The fact that another 10 year old had a meltdown over bbq chips tends to concern me….that’s another day. Maybe he was hangry. Maybe he was tired. These are my good and bad opinions doing battle. Ok, enough of this squirrel.

If you have or love someone with this diagnosis, the gesture will not surprise you. Because most kids who have this are some of the most caring and sensitive souls you will ever come across.

What I want to point out is this act of unselfishness took place while his medicine was still in his system. Let me clarify before someone gets diarrhea of the mouth. His heart and motives are the same while the meds are not in his system. But his impulsiveness takes over, and he doesn’t see things until after the fact. This makes discipline really hard sometimes. The line is so very fine.

These are the moments people accuse him of being outright disrespectful, trouble, a renegade, selfish, undisciplined, malicious, and yes the list goes on. These are the moments I hate. And I refuse to say that word the majority of the time.

He does things normal kids do at this age, attitude included. But for a child with ADHD, it takes 16-20 positive statements to make up for just one of the above stated. Seriously, it doesn’t take a math genius. ADHD is so much more than people who are unfamiliar with can grasp. It is usually holding hands with uncontrollable rage/anger outbursts, anxiety, fear of being forgotten, depression, eating disorders, etc.

So I caution you to do some homework before you judge. No one is perfect. These kids/adults have so much to offer in so many areas. Help us breathe a sigh of relief in knowing unconditional acceptance.

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