Not This Planet

I’m gonna be honest-as I always am-but this post has the potential to piss people off. I may lose some followers. I’m not out to hurt anyone, but a stand has got to be made.

I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. But I do my best to follow God’s word. Last night on the radio, there was discussion about how schools in Canada are not allowing Christian principles to be taught. Because it may “offend” someone who is Muslim or gay or transgender. AND that children as young as 6 can make a decision on what their “true” gender is. Are you flipping kidding me?

I honestly can’t even put into words how disturbing this is. Not just to me, but to the church and fellow Christians. Because the fact of the matter is that it’s happening here as well. And it is wrong.

You are formed by God in your mother’s womb. He chooses you to be male or female. It’s actually quite a magnificent simple concept. You come out with a penis or vagina. You aren’t born with the option.

In case some forget, pro-creation continues in this way. This isn’t about infertility struggles. I’ve been there. This is about the lost questioning the very way God made them. Why?

Because people are not from this grounded mental planet we call common sense. Those they are surrounded by have left God for man’s messed up, twisted, perverted way of thinking, and no one wants to tell them differently.

Well, the enemy thrives on it. And by looking at our culture, he is winning the battle. I truly believe the end days are here.

I can love you. I can be kind to you. I will definitely pray for you. Because God tells me to. And I’m not a mean hateful person to begin with. But as a Christian, I will not encourage and support these types of decisions. You are screwing up the new generation more so than the ones we have now. I guess they’re called Millennials?

There’s no entitlement. No one owes you anything. My grandpa would tell you to put your big girl panties on and work like everyone else. I won’t repeat what he would say about all this transgender, no gender, it offends me stuff.

Look-my child should be able to say the Pledge without people acting stupid. Neither me nor my child should be shamed for the Christian principles and values this country was founded on. That in itself is offensive.

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4 Responses to Not This Planet

  1. Brenda Renwick says:

    Reblogged this on An Indulgence Turned Obsession and commented:
    This hits the nail on the head. Sorry, but not really. The truth is the truth, and I can’t not reblog this.

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  2. Brenda Renwick says:

    Thank you for saying this. I confess that I have drawn back from confrontation on many occasions.

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    • Oh I get it! I don’t like confrontation myself. I am just tired of all these people wanting unfounded rights that don’t exist, and go against everything we were born from. My daughter starts kindergarten this week-and she’s going to try to be told she can’t be a Christian cause of some bs. (Sorry, my mama feathers get in a tizzy).


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