Cycle of Moments

Treats is the Weekly Tuesday Challenge this go around.

It was a treat to walk in this vintage yard. Mr. John doesn’t really have a name for his place.

It was a special treat that Mr. John opened up his place, and gave us the private tour of his motorcycle collection. I was amazed at the range of different ages in his collection.

My memories were treated to an overwhelming response when I found this beauty. It’s in the back of Mr. John’s yard. I can clearly tell you about the one particular camping trip with my family when I was around 12. We were in the Colorado mountains, and it was a family reunion adventure. My grandpa had bought an old dairy truck similar to this one, and had turned it in to a camping machine. He welded 4 beds inside. And I adored laying on them, snuggled under my great grandmother’s quilts she had made. The smell is a glorious one. And one I miss dearly.

Treats are not merely a sweet flavor in your mouth. They are buried memories that occasionally remind you to be thankful for everything.

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6 Responses to Cycle of Moments

  1. Yes, treasures to be dug up later and savoured 🙂

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  3. Olga says:

    Sweet memories! ❤

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