Question of the Day #73

“In your opinion, what is the root cause of most misunderstandings?”

You can see the storm coming. You can feel the pressure building. If you’re anything like me, it’s a sudden downpour of hurt and anger.

I believe most misunderstandings come simply from ones need to be heard, but ones unwillingness to hear the other side. You can’t be heard if you can’t also listen.

It’s a fairly easy concept, but a difficult one to carry through. We automatically get defensive, and instead of listening, we are on a mission to instead be right.

Someone I love very much always puts me in check by asking me, “How’s that working for ya?”


Question of the Day

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2 Responses to Question of the Day #73

  1. LOL. I love that saying but a little variation of it, How’d that work out for you. Either way, it does pull us back from the edge. 🙂

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