Passed Down Truths

This is my first shot at Proverbial Friday and I’m not only hoping I’m up to the challenge, but that I’ve had enough coffee to keep things simple.

This is awesome as we talked about something similar at church last night. God has a plan for each of us. But often times we walk away from that plan determined to do it our way. Because we are impatient creatures. This will usually always bring disorder, anger, hurt, brokenness, addictions, and chaos. The devil thrives on chaos. So slow down and get your priorities in line with God.

Oh my gravy you just can’t know how this challenge and this quote stirs my spirit. Yesterday was a day of, to me, failure and lack of confidence. I was wallowing in defeat. Our sermon last night was “How to Defeat Discouragement” I was unaware of the title until after one of my hopes came crashing down. God closed a door. Ok, I felt like He slammed it shut so hard I was thrown back and down on my cushy backside. But I can see now, after prayers and getting over my selfish wants, it’s not what He has for me. He has placed other things on my heart. Those are what I need to pursue. So it’s not defeat; it’s loving redirection.

Uh yeah, so much for simple. But it’s still good stuff!

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2 Responses to Passed Down Truths

  1. Praise God for His loving redirections! 🙂

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