RDP: Reduce

I thank my grandparents and my great aunts and uncles for instilling a sense of frugality in my spirit. To see the beauty and appreciation in everything.

Of course I’ve had moments when I was a complete selfish jerk. Still do occasionally. But for the most part, greedy people make my head spin like helicopter blades.

Simplicity doesn’t mean poor. Little doesn’t mean you have nothing. Reducing your expectations of what you think you need material wise reinforces your gratitude for what you already possess.

The old truck was sufficient to do its job. Just like a basic car that works is sufficient. Some feel the need and feel entitled to have something fancy and fast. We’ve all seen those idiots driving on the road. I hope you’re not one of them.

The point is if you don’t reduce the greed in your heart, you’ll never increase your love for the things that God provides that are sufficient. If you don’t reduce your greed in the “I need more” aspect, you will never increase your ability to appreciate that basic needs are being met. And without that appreciation, you have no real sense of gratitude.


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