Caught Without Looking

We often find something that catches our attention when we’re not really paying attention. Don’t hide it, there’s no shame. I walk around all the time, half of it backtracking because I think I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Calling me. It really does. Don’t judge me.

The picture above captures me every time I get in my super mom mini van. It’s my reminder that I have been blessed with a very artistic son who happens to be wired with ADHD. It captures and freezes my spirit to pause and breathe.

Here, I just captured joy. Nothing more, nothing less. Smiles from the heart. Fun childhood. I captured timeless memories.

It’s ok if you call me an idiot for this one. I shouldn’t be this close. But I’m mesmerized by the growth of this nest. This is a captured moment of teamwork. They work better together than most groups of people.


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6 Responses to Caught Without Looking

  1. haha nah you’re not an idiot. Just enjoying the amazing work they are putting in. Hubby comes home, and spends time knocking all the wasp nest down. It is always followed with, “baby(he calls me that because he can’t remember my name. He will argue that is not true but I’m sticking by my belief 😉 ) baby, if you spray those they will not do that. The spray is______(I don’t know where because I will never use it) I always tell him I’ll never use it because they work so hard on their HOMES. 🙂 He just smiles and shakes his head at me 🙂

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