Question of the Day…#59

What makes you angry and why?

Oh. My. Gravy. This question. I’m going to have to remember to keep the list small. I make no promises. That’s called honest. And so one thing that turns me into beast mode is being lied to. I may not always deliver my honesty the best way (I’m working on it), but I’m not a liar. Lying means you not only have no respect and love for the person you’re lying to, but you look like a class A jerk that no one will trust again. Unless you repent and change, and that can take a loooong time. You burn bridges and lose relationships. Lying is a choice.

Common courtesy. It means being a decent human being. Using manners. I heard my 10 year old say “yeah” on the phone yesterday before he hung up. When I found out it was someone’s mother, I explained that he is to say “yes ma’am.” I don’t play that game. It’s rude.

Responding when people reach out. Not ignoring someone, thus being blatantly ugly and disrespectful. Not using stupid excuses. The fact is if someone texts you, answer. Because you look once again like an uncaring jerk when you don’t, and you have no problem posting all over social media and answering other people. It’s hurtful. If you have a hang up, talk to that person. Personally, I’ve attempted to reach out to some. They deny an issue, yet their actions are the exact opposite. Ya know, people really aren’t that stupid, and you’re not that smart. Just saying.

Nothing makes me hotter (that I can think of) than someone treating people with a double standard. Nice to some, crapping on others. This falls under the common courtesy, but it’s different. There’s the folks who put on a great guy/girl show for work, family functions, and church. Get those same people behind closed doors and you would be horrified at their behavior of their immediate family. And they allow others to treat their family the same way-cause you know they have an appearance to keep up.

Simple respect. I don’t get it. The person at the drive thru is no less of a person than you, so don’t be a snob. You don’t know the battles people are facing. Stop judging and claiming unfounded righteousness.

I’m so not perfect. I so mess up a lot. I get mad at myself when I get angry and don’t filter my mouth. I’m also so human. I’m also humble and easily convicted. My kids can tell you that I will come to them, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.

I probably should not have called people I spoke about jerks. Then again, I would be lying. I can be a jerk-we all can. I’m talking about those who go out of their way to build a reputation of being one. And strangely, they seem to have a sense of pride for it? Smh.

Ahhhh I must shut up for now.

I’m just thankful for God’s grace and mercy.

Pointless Overthinking

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