Question of the Day..

If you did not have to have a job, what job would you have?

If I did not have to have a job that depended on income, I would absolutely love to run a food pantry. There’s something very humbling about serving others less fortunate. There’s something very pleasing to the soul about helping others. Serving the community, serving the homeless, loving others the way Jesus tells us to.

It would give me such an opportunity to meet all kinds of people and learn something from everyone. And if you think you can’t learn from someone just because they’re not in the same zip code or make as much money as you, I will just say it for everyone; you’re a jerk with an ego problem.

We are called to love our neighbors. We’re not called to pick and choose because we don’t think someone’s as good as we are. Or as worthy. I make all kinds of mistakes, but I definitely can stand beside my belief knowing that I do not claim to be better than anyone.

Sorry, I turned that into a personal rant.

Really I just want to make other people happy. I want to see other people happy. That is what fills me with joy.

Pointless Overthinking

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5 Responses to Question of the Day..

  1. I am retired, but I miss teaching so much. My blog gives me the opportunity to impart wisdom and knowledge. If I could anything else, it would be a travel blogger.

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  2. Michelle says:

    How thoughtful! I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I actually love my job! 🙂

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