Glued Together

I’m not sure why I feel I constantly have to justify myself to people. Honestly, they really don’t care. But I sure want them to. And I want them to know how their actions have impacted me and my family. How they’ve made me feel broken and worthless. Again, whether it was intentional or not, they truly don’t care. Those who are able to walk away like you didn’t exist never truly cared to begin with.

So I’m trying to learn to take my hurts, brokenness, and fears back to the one who loves me unconditionally. It’s what I should be doing to begin with. I’ve got to stop looking for everyone else’s approval. Because when my life is over, man’s opinion and approval is not going to matter.

I just don’t have a thick skin. I’m not an uncaring callous person. That’s not to say I’m not stubborn. That’s not to say I don’t have moments where I think I’m the one who’s right. Besides, we can have those moments where we are right. We’re not stupid people. At least most of us.

So I guess this post was really me talking to myself about changing where I take my brokenness. Making sure I take it to the one, the only one, who can fix it.

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5 Responses to Glued Together

  1. I know the feeling. I commented to someone the other day about how it feels like I am always here, and when I need something those same people give me the good ole’, “your strong, and fix all my problems. You can handle this” And with God’s help I do but it still hurts my feelings. But you are right, and I am learning that God is the only One who is always there, who always cares, Who always helps me, Who I am always important to. Maybe that is the lesson He is trying to teach me, to always help others but I will only be able to count, trust, and lean on Him :):)

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