Big For Me

I love this picture I took of my daughter. Not because I’m some fancy picture taker, but because she’s just being real. While i love taking pictures, this was simply a Mom moment. We were sitting outside drinking warm tea that morning. She’s wrapped in her brother’s blanket. Us time.

While I aspire to do stock photography, I am constantly entering this or that photo opportunity/contest. I have no expectations of making millions. There are times I feel like giving up. I don’t have a million dollars worth of camera equipment. So it was a nice push to not give up when I woke up to this today.

This means my picture is now available through here to be bought. It may never get a second glance. It may make $2. But to me it means to hang on. There were a little over 2,100 images submitted. I did this.

God didn’t lay something on me to turn away from it. Maybe my pictures will never amount to more than bringing me personal peace. Maybe someone will see something different. But I know that I needed this affirmation. That I’m good at something. And the fact that people I don’t know think so too, humbles me beyond measure. And I’m thankful.

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4 Responses to Big For Me

  1. This is such a blessing :):) not only the time you shared with your daughter while capturing this image, but that was added, and in the top 20%. I think I’m correct about that based on the image you added :):) Either way congratulations, and I’m very happy for you :):)

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