Reached Status

This was in Colorado in 2009. My dad was a marine, and had passed away. He was a veteran from the Vietnam War.

He, as thousands of others, have served this country with their life. Many have not come home as they left. Many came home to be buried. And many have come home to a place that has let them down. Abandoned and living on the streets. From my understanding, even getting your healthcare through the VA can be seemingly impossible. The mental traumas that no one seems to have the time and money to dedicate to.

This is what famous looks like.

It’s truly not glamour, riches, and worldly things beyond measure. That’s a job. That’s providing entertainment and getting paid for it. That’s a fleeting moment.

Famous are these men and women who have given everything for you and I, and yet we don’t know their names.

How discouraging and heartbreaking it is for me to see people more concerned with their selfishness to change their gender, teach their personal values to children instead of educate them, see young people walk around with a sense of entitlement that they are owed something.

Famous are the ones who die so we can have the freedom for education in the first place. The ones who lose limbs, suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and go hungry so you can complain about the cup of ranch your waiter forgot to bring. Famous are the ones who have helped provide your freedoms.

Unfortunately, I’m embarrassed at the lack of recognition our military men and women receive. In healthcare and housing. In that someone can beat up a homeless veteran cause they feel they are better. Ugh I can’t even get started. If anything, we owe them. We owe them gratitude, thanks, assistance, love and kindness. We owe them our time for their needs. They deserve a turn after being so unselfish and sacrificing.

Our Flag represents honor for those who gave their everything for us. Famous is being forgotten by those who feel no personal loss, but couldn’t be where they are without it.

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5 Responses to Reached Status

  1. Penny says:

    Thanks Kammie for remembering your dad this way. It is so true.

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  2. Here I go crying this morning. I read your last paragraph through tears. This is beautiful, and so true. Thank you for the God’s honest truth this morning. i thank God for blessing you :):)

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