Begrudgingly Beautiful

I love seeing the clouds do their thing in the sky. So many different performances. They’re beautiful and take my breath away. I remember finding shapes in the clouds as a little girl. Even when no one else could see what I did.

The clouds in the above picture were sitting gorgeously. My only annoyance was the traffic light, poles, wires, and lamp posts. It’s quite tricky trying to capture beauty when it’s blocked by so much modern day. I run into this a lot actually. Even in the rural areas, it’s the phone/electricity wires streaming across my clouds.

I know they’re not my clouds, but at that moment they have captured my mind. So somehow, I still manage to grumble through what is, and get some form of memory.

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2 Responses to Begrudgingly Beautiful

  1. They are too your clouds :):) God made them just for you, and of course me, and all of us, His children that appreciate them. Yes, I know they serve a purpose, but my, oh my, I don’t doubt that God made them so beautiful just to make us happy. I mean really He could make it rain, or shade, and all the other things clouds do in any form He wanted. It’s not a coincidence that He makes them so beautiful for us :):)

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