Go With the Flow

Today is career day at my son’s elementary school. We have known for weeks and I have been asking and asking and asking. And I get the same response. “I don’t know.”

So last night at 8:30 he decided what he wanted to be. And he wanted to be cosplay. Specifically Deku from Hero Academia. When I said cosplay is not a career, in normal fashion he set out to prove me wrong. Apparently assuming these jobs don’t exist, I was mistaken. Because according to Google, if you dress up well enough you can make money doing this for a living.

So my friend says it was very creative. And she’s right. And I should absolutely be looking at it like that. I mean he’s 10. He is also ADHD and extremely talented in art and being creative. So while my hope is that he doesn’t dress up for a living, maybe he will be the person helping animate these types of series. As a parent I think sometimes we assume the opposite of the end goal. Which is not very positive for our children. So when I was able to take a step back, I was very proud of him. And I made sure he knew it.💙


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2 Responses to Go With the Flow

  1. iScriblr says:

    Absolutely creative and ingenious!❤

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