Keep it Closed

I don’t have the facts on a lot of things. But I have a lot of knowledge on my ADHD. Not an expert mind to you. But I am a mother of a child who has it. And I’m overly frustrated at the ignorance and unwillingness people still show to the diagnosis.

Tired of people saying these kids need to just control themselves. I’m tired of hearing that it’s bad parenting. Are you going to tell a blind person to get over it and they need to be able to see? Are you going to tell an epileptic they need to control their seizures while they’re in the middle of one? While you’re at it, why don’t you tell the amputee to grow a new leg? While these things seem ridiculous, these are the kinds of things that we parents have to listen to.

See, many people are quick to diagnose ADHD in a child, until it requires them to make changes in their own behavior in dealing with them. Because it’s not easy. It can be extremely difficult especially if they have multiple diagnoses. There’s nothing wrong with them. God made them differently for a purpose. You’re not better than them and they don’t need to be like you.

You can’t put them in a box. Just like you can’t expect a child to act like every other child. They’re all different and unique. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

So it’s extremely awkward to be around people who make these remarks and not say anything. It’s extremely awkward to be around people who are so self-centered, they make the ignorant comments and you just sit there and look at them. Because you know good and well if you don’t your mouth is going to open and very ugly things will come out. It’s very awkward to balance discipline in a child with ADHD, be their protector, advocate, and still maintain civility around people who have no clue.

So I pray daily, for God to guide my words. Sometimes I fail. Many times through his strength I can be victorious and know that I’m doing the right thing for my son. And there’s nothing awkward about that.

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4 Responses to Keep it Closed

  1. You speak with confidence about an issue I am confident you master. Thanks and best wishes!

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  2. preciselymedot says:

    Its so true- you can’t put them in a box. I am a physiotherapist by profession and while treating some paediatric patients i have seen some ADHD kids. It’s really not easy. Advocating for them all the time takes a toll on the parent. May you be blessed with supreme strength. Your words exude confidence. All ther best!

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