Read Your Map

Murphy’s Law is alive and well, and frankly I’m tired of Murphy being my friend. He reminds me of the game as a child you played with dominoes. Standing them up, one in front of another because seeing them fall in this cool line of succession was so much fun. Not fun was the multiple times you might accidentally knock them down before you were finished. Ugh. It would seem complicated, but it really wasn’t. Not in the bigger picture.

Complicated is looking someone in the face while they lie to you, and not saying anything because they will follow with another one.

Complicated is learning someone you once trusted and loved is doing things to hurt you because they believe second hand information.

Complicated is working to stay strong in your role as you feel yourself falling to pieces. It’s knowing who you are in Christ, but fighting daily the enemy in your head.

Complicated is battling the world of sin as you work tirelessly to plant morals, values, work ethic, and God’s word in your children.

Complicated is attempting to wrap your head around God’s plan as you receive a diagnosis of a disease that is/could be terminal.

Complicated is praying for those who are responsible for those who shoot up schools, blow up buildings, justify sin, and bring evil upon communities.

Complicated is life. The only thing I can find in the face of these things, that’s not complicated, is God’s word. It doesn’t change, harm, murder, put down or abuse. It lifts, encourages, forgives, and most of all, loves. So in these moments of complicated life, rest in His unfailing grace. Because His peace is the only thing that can save you. And He knows your heart like no one else can.

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7 Responses to Read Your Map

  1. Very good Mamma, very good, indeed:):)

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  2. What a beautiful way to lead us to see that putting our trust in God is the best thing to do.

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